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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CyberCafePro Free?

CyberCafePro is free. You can fully use CyberCafePro at no charge.

I Forgot my Username or Password?

You can have your login information sent to you by this page.

How do I get Tech Support?

CyberCafePro offers many articles and manuals for our free support users. You must register at no-charge for this site to read most articles.

You can become a Premium Member for a one-time fee. This membership will get you same-day email support, CyberCafePro Community access, Skype IM Support, and many other options. Most of all, a Premium Membership keeps CyberCafePro Support running.

Where do I Download CyberCafePro?

You can download the CyberCafePro Server (MCS) and the CyberCafePro Client here.

How Do I set my local currency?

See this article.

How do I become a Premium Support Member?

Please see here.