CyberCafePro Subscription Promotion!

CyberCafePro is pleased to announce a special promotion only available to our existing users and friends.  The regularly priced membership of $60 per year is reduced to only $19 per year.  This offer is available only until April 30, 2015. This is read more

Safe Surfing in Internet Cafes and Cyber Cafes?

CyberCafePro is always concerned about keeping the members of the CyberCafePro Community safe.  This includes both location owners and the users at the Internet cafe, cyber cafe or public access location. Public access location such as Internet cafes read more

POS Item Matrix

Navigation: Admin icon>Pricing and Stock Setup> POS items The CyberCafePro POS consists of four group category tab buttons. Shown below is the 3rd tab for Computer. (Note label in box at right where Computer is set). The POS Set Up box In basic read more

How Do I Charge for Different Machines?

CyberCafePro User Kurt asks… i am having new hi end gaming pc’s soon and want the price to be differently so i was testing this, but it seems not to work. i put 2 different pc’s into 2 different groups (account/pre-paid) changed read more

How to Find the Server IP Address or Station Name?

To connect your computers you will need to enter the CyberCafePro Server IP Address into all of the CyberCafePro Clients if the auto-search does not find the Server station automatically. CyberCafePro lists these for you. To access the Server read more

Manual Timers

CyberCafePro gives you the ability to create manual timers to time non-computer session.  This is very handy if your location has gaming consoles (PS4, xBox One etc.), pool tables, or any other area which is not connected to a PC. 1. Login to CyberCafePro read more