CyberCafePro Subscription Promotion!

CyberCafePro is pleased to announce a special promotion only available to our existing users and friends.  The regularly priced membership of $60 per year is reduced to only $19 per year.  This offer is available only until April 30, 2015. This is read more

Safe Surfing in Internet Cafes and Cyber Cafes?

CyberCafePro is always concerned about keeping the members of the CyberCafePro Community safe.  This includes both location owners and the users at the Internet cafe, cyber cafe or public access location. Public access location such as Internet cafes read more

Is CyberCafePro Really Free?

CyberCafePro is free.  No strings attached.  You can download CyberCafePro now and start using it today. CyberCafePro does not require registration.  The free software is not a limited version, a demo, or a trial software.  The software you download read more

Tax Setup

Navigation: Admin icon>Pricing and Stock Setup>Taxes Use the first section of the Tax Definition box to define local taxes. The POS supports up to three different taxes. Each tax can work independently or cumulatively (tax on a tax), and are defined read more

Large Font in Pricing Screen of CyberCafePro Server?

CyberCafePro on some system produces very large text on the pricing setup screens. A big thanks to swordman on the CyberCafePro Community for this solve!   I had the same problem. I solved it by changing 2 settings in windows 7: 1) Set Format of read more

Allow Client Desktop or Disable Launchpad

It is possible in CyberCafePro to give your users access to your Windows Desktop and not use the CyberCafePro Launch Pad. 1. Login as an admin user into the CyberCafePro Server. 2. Go to the “Admin” section. 3. Go to the “System Settings&#8221 read more

Account and Timecode Setup

Navigation: Admin icon>Setup>Accounts/Codes   The Accounts Setup box To set up default pricing parameters for new accounts: Define the default time for each addition of time. Shown above as 1 hour (in the format of 0001:00 minutes). You can read more

Receipt Setup

Navigation: Admin icon>Pricing and Stock Setup>Receipt Setup   You can set up all parameters related to receipt display and printing.   image103″ width=”577″ height=”400″ />   The Receipt Setup box   To set up receipts: Select read more